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Poetry Contest Past Winners

Congratulations to all the Winners and Honors in our 2020 Poetry Contest!

We held our 24th annual poetry contest for students in grades K-8 entirely online for the first time ever! Since we weren’t able to host our traditional ceremony honoring this year's poets, we asked the poets to submit videos of them reading their poems so that we could celebrate their accomplishments with a virtual ceremony. The winning poems were also featured in the Brookline TAB

Congratulations again to all of the 2020 winning and honor poets!

To view the 2020 poems, please click on the title of the poem.

 The Animals Wake Up by Sidney Golden

Spring by L. A.
Lollipop by Celine Latif
Candy by Alexis Peskin
Silly Dreams by Kavish Raut
No, No, No by Sebastian Unglaub

Grades 1 and 2
 Starry Night by Aanya Diya Raut

Pond Hotel by James Eagle
I Do Not Feel Like Writing Poems by Oscar Provencher
A Plant’s Diary by Rose Scott
I Want a Dog by Power Walker
Flying by Scarlett Yang

Grades 3 and 4
 My Boat of Wishes by Maya Rachlin

The Song of the Night by Quinn Burke
Cupcake Math by Eva Ferraresso
Dancing on a Cloud by Maya Figelman
The Woods on Halloween Night by Gabrielle Peskin

Grades 5 and 6
Winner: Look by Lilah Friedland

Roses by Riley Lynda Pratt
Welcome Milo by Avery Judd
Untitled by Benjamin Delman
Sunflower’s Cycle by Leila Andermann
The Forest by Sarah Murphy

Grades 7 and 8
Memories of School by Anya Geist

Crocuses by Riley Ament
Zoom by Kitt Bjorbaek
Walking Along the Dark Night Sky by Evangeline Kanaris
Home by Amya Naimi
Swallow’s Wallow by Allen Yu

Kindergarten Winner:
The Animals Wake Up by Sidney Golden

The furry animals wake up from their long snooze
They wish for light to have a break from darkness
They feel the light as if it was a dream
They also are grateful for the sunshine
The animals try to remember what to do from their long snooze

Kindergarten Honor:
Spring by L. A.

Sprouts grow
Plants bloom
Rain showers
It is beautiful
Nests are made and eggs are laid
Growing flowers and buzzing bees

Kindergarten Honor:
Lollipop by Celine Latif

Yummy, sweet
Licking, tasting, smiling
It makes me happy

Kindergarten Honor:
Candy by Alexis Peskin

Candy is sweet
Candy is sour
Some candies shaped like a beautiful flower

Candy is yummy
In my tummy
Some candy looks like a scary mummy

It’s made with sugar
Just like you
It’s sweet and sour it’s pretty too

And then you eat it
It taste so good
But all candies can taste even better
They really could!

Kindergarten Honor:
Silly Dreams by Kavish Raut

I heard my father chuckle like I’ve never heard before.
I went into the kitchen. He was laughing on the floor.
I went into my bedroom and saw chickens on my door.
I found out it was all a dream; I wanted to sleep some more.

Kindergarten Honor:
No, No, No by Sebastian Unglaub

No, no, no
yes, yes, yes
a grown up
says no,
and a kid says yes.

Grades 1 and 2 Winner:

Starry Night by Aanya Diya Raut

Yellow blobs decorate the sky, as black as my hair.
Shimmering brightly,
The stars dance in the sky.
They fill the sky like a school of flashlight fish
In the
Of the ocean
Yawning and stretching
At the start of their night shift.

Grades 1 and 2 Honor:
Pond Hotel by James Eagle

The pond is a hotel
for swimming creatures
check in is at the bay
wet rooms
decorated with seaweed bouquets
on the room service menu
you can find small fish
and algae rock rolls
fish come and go
turtles play hide and seek
all are welcome -except if you are a predator
best of all you can find
better fish friends.

Grades 1 and 2 Honor:
I Do Not Feel Like Writing Poems by Oscar Provencher

5 pieces of crumpled paper
I do not feel like writing poems
At all
I do not feel like writing anything.
Me and poems do not go together at all.
I am crying
Because of teachers
No poem
For me
I show this to Jill
She says this is a poem.

Grades 1 and 2 Honor:
A Plant’s Diary by Rose Scott

I always sit
by the window sill
out of my mind
the sun will be out
as I stare at the gray sky
and I watch the rain fall
i feel pity for the plants out there
they look all wet and tired
like a ship
tired from a night at sea
it rains pretty hard
the end of the day follows
the rain still hasn’t stopped
it drones on through the night
like a heartbeat
in the morning
all that is left
is droplets
of rain and dew

Grades 1 and 2 Honor:
I Want a Dog by Power Walker

I want a dog
I want a dog
To wake me up
In the morning
With its warm tongue
And hot breath
And to warm
My mother’s heart

I asked my mom
She said, “No, Power,

Sadly walking
To my room
Lying on my bed
Imagining her
Licking me
While thinking
But not knowing
Why my mom said no.

Maybe because
The dog might
Mess up her stuff
Or do its business
In the house
Or eat our food
Or mess up our rooms
With no guilt
With no respect
Or she had a pet
In the past
That hurt her
So bad.

Grades 1 and 2 Honor:
Flying by Scarlett Yang

Soaring high up in the blue sky,
Soaring in the air,
I stand in the breezy wind,
I stand on top of the clouds,
I sway around in the air waves,
Like a bird gliding in the wind,
Flying high up in the meadows,
Until the day is over.
Before I go to bed,
I go out one more time to look at the stars.

Grades 3 and 4 Winner:
My Boat of Wishes by Maya Rachlin

I believe it is everyone’s job to leave a little joy wherever they go
So that’s what I do —
I take the beauties of the earth
The sticks, the leaves, the flowers.
I carefully weave them into my boat of wishes.
I stare out onto the water
The sky, the grass, the trees.
The reflection is as clear as a crystal on this day at Crystal Lake.
I close my eyes and make a wish.
I wish for happiness, for friendship, for peace
And with that my fingers leave the boat
For the first time, and the last.
I watch it as it journeys on
Into the blue, for the dreamer, to the future.
Although we now part, I remember it clearly.
For my boat of wishes is as strong as the wind,
And as light as the morning sun
It has no anchor for it sails as free as a bird.
My boat of wishes carries the heart of the past and future,
And it sails upon the stream of truth.
Upon that stream it sails proudly,
As steady as the water right beneath it.
It sails to those who need a wish.
Come, drop your wish off
For my boat of wishes will sail it to the future.

Grades 3 and 4 Honor:
The Song of the Night by Quinn Burke

I the mighty wolf sing the song of the night
The song that is the good night song
The song that echoes through the trees and mountains all night long
The song that is a soothing lullaby saying “time to say “good night”
The song that stops as the horizon is again filled with day and light
The song that is silenced by the morning light as the grass starts to cry
The song that retreats with me as the moon sets and the stars leave the sky Till nightfall the quietness will ring out through the day hard and loud
The song of the night disappears… for now

Grades 3 and 4 Honor:
Cupcake Math by Eva Ferraresso

Chocolate + chocolate= yum!
The math
Of a cupcake
Small + frosting= delicious!
Like a birthday
But in
A just for you
Serving size
I add
A Hershey kiss
From Addison
And a chocolate chip cookie chunk
From Nahla
To get a complete

Grades 3 and 4 Honor:
Dancing on a Cloud by Maya Figelman

As I dance on a cloud
light as a feather
drifting on moonlight
no fear of the weather

As I slide down the rainbow
all my wishes come true
then I slip and fall
I awake, then I’m blue

If only I could close my eyes once more
so dreams would come knocking on my door

Grades 3 and 4 Honor:
The Woods on Halloween Night by Gabrielle Peskin

pitter patter
slip slide
look up at the beautiful night sky

fly flow
whoosh wheese
feel the chilly wind breeze

steer stir
drip droop
smell the yucky witches soup

oooo aaa
moan mean
hear the scary ghost of halloween

ick eek
flow flirt
taste the flying up invisible dirt

Grades 5 and 6 Winner:
Look by Lilah Friedland

We are sailing
Through unmapped waters
Nobody knows where we’re going.
As we sail
Through blue and gray,
Clear skies and thunderstorms,
Through the peace and through the fury,
In the plain rock,
Look for the curled-up fox.
In the gray cloud,
Look for the fantastical dragon.
In the tree’s roots after the storm,
Look for the fairy waterfall.
We may be sailing
In unmapped waters
But these
Will be
Your map.

Grades 5 and 6 Honor:
Roses by Riley Lynda Pratt

A symbol of love
And a reminder of death
Be careful of thorns

Grades 5 and 6 Honor:
Welcome Milo by Avery Judd

Welcome Milo
with hair gold as the sun and as soft as floating on a cloud
Eyes chocolate brown
Nose dark as night
Milo moving swiftly many miles
But weeping while waiting
But barking, leaping like a kangaroo
As I arrive from school

Grades 5 and 6 Honor:
Untitled by Benjamin Delman

Beautiful sunny day in Maui yet
Tsunami like wild waves
powerfully carrying courageous surfers and
pushing soft sand, carrying seashells and rocks
to the deep ocean bottom
Washing my sand castle
leaving nothing but a pile of wet sand
strong current almost swallows terrified sister
trapped in the foamy floor
Dad, hero in Hawaii
saving my sister

Grades 5 and 6 Honor:
Sunflower’s Cycle by Leila Andermann

My finger plunges into the earth.
Into it I drop a seed.
I water it, protect it.
Many days later,
a shoot pops up,
and soars, up into the sky.
Numerous little yellow petals unfurl from it
And tiny seeds appear in the middle.
As the sunflower grows,
I take some seeds from the center.
I scatter them around the garden.
I look out from my window.
I see my little sunflower bobbing,
Bending in the breeze,
Reaching up towards the sun.
Then, one day, a thunderstorm arrives.
Lightning flashes,
Thunder rumbles,
And rain furiously pelts the ground.
Winds flew at sixty-three miles per hour.
The following morning,
I run to my garden.
I see my little sunflower,
Roots torn up,
Petals withered,
Covered in mud.
But the garden was covered In a misty green,
As the other sunflowers came up.

Grades 5 and 6 Honor:
The Forest by Sarah Murphy

It’s just me,
The sky ground and trees,
And the creatures that roam,
This place they call home,
It’s just me and the forest.

It’s just me,
On my break from electronics,
With the sky high, rocks and muddy water,
All the gorgeous fall foliage,
My legs that can’t stop strolling,
It’s just me and the forest.

It’s just me,
And the crunching of the leaves,
The woodpeckers making noise,
No need for childish toys,
Just me as free as a bird,
Exploring the world,
It’s just me and the forest, the forest and me.

Grades 7 and 8 Winner:
Memories of School by Anya Geist

Ask me what I think
When I think about school
The little memories
Of how it was ours

In sixth grade, I remember
The eighth graders were so tall
We would slip by them
Afraid to be seen

And in band we laughed and grew
The cacophony of our instruments
Smoothing over the years
Until it was polished and fine

I remember the little stairway to the first floor
Its door would creak and slam
And without heating in the winter
The cold swirled around its frosty steps

We would keep the windows open
All year long, and poke our heads out
Laughing, enjoying fresh air
Until someone yelled it was too cold

And the way the bricks felt
On the outside of school
Sticking your hand out the window
To touch the sun-warmed stone

All the small laughs, the jokes in class
Leaving our memories
In a building we’ve outgrown
Will make it forever ours

Grades 7 and 8 Honor:
Crocuses by Riley Ament

They poke their heads above the surface
Like a small child
But short-lived
They don’t live long enough to find
The thunderclouds
They die young
A pure face
In a coffin
A young child
Being laid to sleep

Grades 7 and 8 Honor:
Zoom by Kitt Bjorbaek

Zoom Zoom
That’s all I do
I wake up in the morning and get ready for my zoom
Sister wants to play a game
No! I have a zoom
Aunts and uncles want to call
No! I have a zoom
Dog needs a walk
Pshh You thought
No! I have a zoom!
My family getting stressed because I have too many zooms
They try to calm me down
But I can’t be here all afternoon
They tell me to take a break
But i can’t take it anymore so
I run out of the room and Scream
I can’t miss my zoom!

Grades 7 and 8 Honor:
Walking Along the Dark Night Sky by Evangeline Kanaris

Walking along the dark night sky,
Watching the stars glimmer and glow,
While walking along the dark night sky.
Looking down at the water,
Sparkling and blue,
You see the reflections of the buildings,
And the families who live there,
While you’re walking along the dark night sky,
Your mask hangs across your face,
Hearing nothing but the wind whistling,
While walking along the dark night sky,
Feeling the touch of hope leaning on your shoulders,
While you’re walking along the dark night sky

Grades 7 and 8 Honor:
Home by Amya Naimi

More than just a birthplace
Skys as blue as an ocean
A vast ocean of hopes and dreams
Dogs barking, protective
Of their
Walk past the lavender
Indian paintbrushes
Bolts of red and purple aromas
Bring back
Windmills spinning
Round and round, rolling and resting
With your thoughts
Walk past the water tower
Huge white anchor
Anchor to
When you leave you miss
Miss the stucco homes full of friendship and compassion
Miss the mesas and mountains
Beautiful, welcoming towers of inspiration and solitude
That, as they are to you now
Long ago were a home to others
Because this place, so sacred
Right here under my dusty feet
Will always be

Grades 7 and 8 Honor:
Swallow’s Wallow by Allen Yu

If a swallow could wallow in yore now blue,
It would. It would chirp a melodic tune
For the passing willow, adieu, adieu,
Who wilts in age. For at nightfall, it will swoon.

If a swallow could wallow in sorrow with the tree,
It would. It would, but only its willow
For it will sing, adieu, adieu, soon free.
It sways back n’ forth in a manner so slow.

If a swallow could wallow in the sun,
It would. It would if it were with the willow
For the willow could tell legends of one, yet
It falls in the dead of winter like snow.

If a willow could wallow in company,
It would, it would. Proud of raising this sprout,
For its presence lives within the swallow.
It says, adieu, adieu, fly strong, no doubt.