A Note About Website Availability

Titles listed on our website are not necessarily in stock at our physical storefront. If a book says "usually ships in 1-5 days," that means it should be available at our distributor's warehouses, but it does not indicate whether we have the book in stock at the shop. We have some lists on our home page of books that are usually on the shelves, but those are manually updated by us. It is not currently possible for us to manually update every title on the site with its in-store availability. The fastest way to check on a title or two is to give us a call at 617-734-7323. If you have a longer list, or if you have a little more time to wait for a response, send us an email or place an online order. Thank you for understanding! 



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Gifts and Special Programs

If you've ever visited our shop, you likely already know that we carry a wide selection of children's books, and that our booksellers love to give recommendations across all ages and genres. But that's not all we offer!

Did you know that... 

Well, now you do!

We'll also happily select gifts for you—give us a call, tell us a little about your recipient and how much you'd like to spend, and we'll do the rest! We also offer free gift wrapping year round.  

Questions about any of these programs? Call us at 617-734-7323 and we'll be happy to help!