A Note About Website Availability

Titles listed on our website are not necessarily in stock at our physical storefront. If a book says "usually ships in 1-5 days," that means it should be available at our distributor's warehouses, but it does not indicate whether we have the book in stock at the shop. We have some lists on our home page of books that are usually on the shelves, but those are manually updated by us. It is not currently possible for us to manually update every title on the site with its in-store availability. The fastest way to check on a title or two is to give us a call at 617-734-7323. If you have a longer list, or if you have a little more time to wait for a response, send us an email or place an online order. Thank you for understanding! 



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Create a Wish List

Step One: You can log in to your existing account or create a new account.

  1. Click “Log In” in the top right corner

  1. Select the “Create new account” tab.

  2. Enter a username and valid email address, then select the box for “I’m not a robot” and click  “create new account.”


Step Two: Search for an item using the search bar at the top right corner of the page. 


Step Three: Once you’ve found the book you would like to add, click “add to wish list.” You can add to an existing wish list or create a new one. You can repeat steps two and three to add as many books to a wish list as you would like.


Wish List Settings

To change the settings for a wish list, click on My Account, then click on the "Wish List" tab. You must have at least one book on a list to update the settings.

Available Settings

  1. Title (required): you can change the name of your wish list here. The wish list title can be used by other site visitors to search for this wish list.

  2. Your Name (required): the default is your username, but you can change it if you like. Site visitors can use your name to search for this wish list.

  3. Event or expiration date: you can choose a specific date for the wish list to expire if it’s for a special event (birthday, baby shower, etc.), or you can extend the date as long as you want. Expired wish lists will not be listed when searching for wish lists.

  4. Hide Expiration Date: leave this box unchecked if the wish list is for a birthday, baby shower, or other special event with a set end date. If the box is checked, the expiration date will not be visible to viewers.

  5. Private: private wish lists will not be listed when a site visitor searches for wish lists on the site, but can still be shared via email.

  6. Notes: you can put additional information about the wish list (description, details of event, who the books are for, etc.), which will be displayed at the top of the list.

  7. Save Settings: be sure to click the “save settings” after making any changes.

Edit Your Wish List

The list of books added to a wish list appears right below the wish list settings section.

  • To remove one or more books, click on the “remove” box next to the book cover(s) and select "Update Wish List."

  • To change the requested quantity, you can edit the number in the "Wanted" field and select "Update Wish List."

Email Your Wish List 

  • Click on "Email Your Wish List," then add the recipient’s email address. You can add up to ten email addresses at a time separated by commas.

  • You can personalize the text for the Subject of Email and Message or use the default text.

  • Select the box for "I’m not a robot," then select "Email Wish List."