A Note About Website Availability

Titles listed on our website are not necessarily in stock at our physical storefront. If a book says "usually ships in 1-5 days," that means it should be available at our distributor's warehouses, but it does not indicate whether we have the book in stock at the shop. We have some lists on our home page of books that are usually on the shelves, but those are manually updated by us. It is not currently possible for us to manually update every title on the site with its in-store availability. The fastest way to check on a title or two is to give us a call at 617-734-7323. If you have a longer list, or if you have a little more time to wait for a response, send us an email or place an online order. Thank you for understanding! 



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The Children's Book Shop In-Store Shopping Policies

Masks are required for everyone over the age of 2 and must be covering the nose and mouth at all times.

–We’ll provide hand sanitizer at the shop entrance—you're welcome to use it before beginning to browse.

–Maintain social distancing of six feet from others as much as possible while in the store. We have moved some fixtures around to make more space in the front of the store, but you may need to briefly browse in another section if someone is already in the section that interests you. (The middle grade aisle in particular is pretty tight!)

–We will continue to offer and encourage curbside pickup for phone and web orders placed in advance! Give us a call when you arrive and we’ll bring your purchase to you at the door.

What We’re Doing to Protect Our Customers and Staff

–We’ve moved some things around to create more space at the front of the store. You may notice some of your favorite Children’s Book Shop standbys—our Bear and Maisy dolls, as well as the Maisy House and other smaller toys—have been put away for now, since they’re difficult to sanitize.

–We have removed most of the seating to discourage lingering for long periods of time.

–Computers, registers, door handles, and other frequently touched surfaces will be sanitized regularly. Employees will wash their hands frequently, and hand sanitizer will be available to both customers and employees.

–We plan to prop the door open as often as weather permits for increased airflow.

–We’ll continue to monitor the situation and adjust our approach as necessary.

–Essentially, we’re doing everything we can to keep our employees and customers safe, and we ask for your help in achieving that goal!